Track Submission

I am accepting race track submissions for this simulator to be included as part of the base content for this game.  You will need NR2003's Sandbox track editor to make the track geometry, 3DS Max 8 to make the TSOs, and GIMP to make textures (more tools on the way).  Send a ZIP or RAR file of the track to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to submit the track.  If your track gets chosen to be included in the base content of the game, you will get the game for free, and you will be credited for the track.  Note that no vanilla NR2003 content (including converted textures) will be allowed.


These rules are a work in progress.


  1. The track must be fictional and must be your own creation.  Collaboration is allowed.
  2. No WIP race tracks are permitted.  The track must be in its finished state and ready for racing.
  3. No "joke tracks" allowed.  The track must be made in a way that promotes a safe and realistic racing environment.
  4. The means by which the track can be properly accessed from outside of the track premises must be clear (eg: gates, tunnels, etc.).
  5. The track must have a "garage area" that has access to the track, and can be accessed from outside the track premises.  Garage buildings are optional depending on the type of track.
  6. The flag stand, grandstands, and emergency equipment must be protected with physical barriers.  The flag stand and grandstands must have an additional fence to protect against airborne cars.
  7. The track must have a place to park cars that have been retired from the race if the garage area is not accessible during a race session.
  8. The track must not use any vanilla NR2003 assets.  This includes tracks, objects, textures, audio, or video, whether fully-vanilla or modified.  The same rule applies to using vanilla assets of any other game without permission from the developer.
  9. A track inspired from a "local short track" does not have to have a functional pit road.  But it still needs to have a protected place to park retired race cars if the garage area is not available during the race.

PTF-Specific Rules

  1. The track must be a continuous circuit.
  2. The track may not have any segments that are disconnected from the circuit.
  3. The track may not have more than one configuration.
  4. All PTF surfaces not apart of the circuit (eg: infield details) must be converted to 3DO and added as a TSO.